The Innovation of Transport.

The Challenge


We worked with Glydways on a comprehensive rebranding initiative. From renaming the company to developing a robust brand strategy, crafting a compelling visual identity, establishing style guidelines, and designing an impactful website, every element was meticulously shaped to exude confidence and embody the innovative and forward-thinking experience that defines Glydways. Our challenge was to create a brand that leaves a lasting impression and positions Glydways as a leader in its industry.

What We Did

  • User & Market Research
  • Naming
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Creative Content
  • Product Messaging
  • Website Design

Working with Nebulous has been a deep, challenging, introspective and emotional journey. It is a journey we were in need of, and the conclusions blew our minds, as well as our customers.

Mark Seeger, CEO, Glydways

Brand Strategy

Visual Identity

Web Design